Mega Armor Series Rockman X

Been a very very long time since my last post on this blog!

Well here is my first kit in almost 5 years!

This is not a build post as I didn’t take photos as I went along, but this is something at least.

I recently made a visit to Japan over Easter and came back with a couple goodies. One happened to be one of the old Rockman X Mega Armour Kits,

Released by¬†Bandai back in 1997, they are great little kits and dead cheep at the time. Sadly have picked up in price as they are no longer produced. They are dated but as a huge Rockman fan I wanted to see what I could do with them. Here are photos of the kit with nothing done to them. As you can see they are quite dated compared to today’s standards.


My next step was to clean up the kit, remove the chrome finish, and fill the many gaps.

The main problem with these kits is the eyes. They are awful and really kill the look of the model. So a little work on them, some gap filling, and a steady hand I got something I was happy with. Sorry about the photo quality. Not the best camera.

Before and after.

Better photo.

And the finished result. Enjoy.

Great fun, easy kits to build. Didn’t take very long and I recomend them to any fan of Rockman. Zero is on the way but we will see when I get that finished!


Regards JQ


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