About This Blog

Hi there. If you’re reading this then I hope this means you are interested in what I have been doing and want to find out more about this blog. I love modeling and love building models, but not many people get to see my work. Not only that but it would be great if I could make some money from my much loved hobby too!

In this blog I hope to show you guys my models and modeling skills. I also hope that some time in the future people will take an interest in my models and might want to purchase them. I also hope to have the oppertunity to take on commissions and with this blog I hope to achieve this.

So that’s really the main reason for this blog. I don’t feel I can make my hobby a full time job but a little extra cash would be fantastic, and who knows…maybe in the future I could model full time.

I will be blogging all my current finished models as well as showing you guys how I build my new kits. All the models I will be covering are on the “Models Still to Come” page. I’ll use this page as an index and it will keep you guys up to date on what’s to come in the future!

So welcome to my blog and I hope to hear from you guys soon.